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Welcome to Raleigh, North Carolina’s source and leader of Integrative, Holistic and Alternative Healthcare Medicine. Our Purpose to help as many people become as healthy as possible…Naturally.

Our practice utilizes time tested methods and evidence based therapies including:

  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Natural Weight Loss
  • Massage and Reflexology
  • Stress Management
  • Oriental Medicine
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Nutritional Counseling


We also offer an Executive Health Program to those people who are extremely busy and would like help making good decisions regarding their health, nutrition, weight concerns and any health problems that they may have.

Our practice has been part of the Raleigh community for almost 15 years and we all seem to enjoy the smaller town feel in a growing community. During our 22 years in practice, we have treated over 100,000 patients with most experiencing great results.

In our Practice we use a time tested method of Medical diagnosis (rooted in Ancient China) that has continued to this day. This has been renamed “Root Cause Analysis” which is widely utilized in management in organizations like NASA . This helps find solutions to problems or outpoints so that the problem is solved at the root level to prevent it from reoccurring in the future. See the flow chart below.



By treating the root of the problem rather than the symptom, we can very often get a correction in the body’ s natural healing abilities.

This type of protocol is often referred to as a wellness model. Holistic healthcare will support one in the direction of a healthy lifestyle and also can reduce the risk of future illnesses. This style of healthcare replaces the old approach of waiting to become ill and then searching for a cure, which is often hard to find.

So, if your health has suffered for some time and conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals have not produced the results you had hoped for, please contact us. One of our specialties is treating patients with long term unresolved conditions.

Call us today at Acupuncture Wellness and let’s talk and take a look at your health problems. Let’s see how we could possibly help you feel better, lose weight, have more energy, get better sleep and reduce your pain and get on with the life that you want!

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Ancient Chinese Proverb…
“Do not dig a well when you are thirsty”
Which translates as:
“Don’t wait until you are sick to seek a cure, as it might be too late”